Welcome to Vertex Broadcast Solutions

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VertexTV Broadcast Solution

VertexTV Broadcast Solution is a complete solution for the NEWS department, consisted of different applications which can be combined mutually (VertexTV Playout, VertexTV Capture, VertexTV NewsCUT, etc.), and hardware components.


VertexTV Info Service

VertexTV Info Service is a tool used for intensive multimedia communication, presented as an optimal link for managing the information and content with the multimedia resources You define. Integrate the audio and video clips, animations, clock etc. in a simple and individual way, in powerful and dynamic presentations.



VertexTV Broadcast Solution modules

We have a number of modules......

VertexTV Playout

VertexTV Playout is an autonomous Playout server used for multimedia content, completing and/or editing throughout the product chain of the TV stations.


VertexTV Capture

VertexTV Capture is a software tool for registration and collection of the media data (audio, video and so on..) from different schemes (Devices) depending on the installed video card (through FireWare, Composite, Component, SDI etc.). By using this application You can capture different structures of the tape, camera or such.


VertexTV NewsCUT

VertexTV NewsCUT is a seperately developed software, emerged of the necessity for generating messages. The application work surface is structured very clearly and provided with the most important functions needed for the media data direct editing.


VertexTV Browser

VertexTV Browser is a user application used for organizing and revising Your media data. By using clear and simple operations You can watch Your content quickly and comfortably in a very low resolution (LOWRES), as well as administer the appropriate information and meta data.


VertexTV Journalist

VertexTV Journalist is an individually developed software on editors requirement. This application, as the other ones of VertexTV Broadcast Solution, plunders with its simple, accurately adapted work surface on Your workflow, that perfectly supports the sending and editing lists production.


VertexTV CG

VertexTV Character Generator is a part of the wide VertexTV product line for professional Broadcast solutions.