Treasury – VBS-BR

VBS-BR is a module designed for all companies that need treasury, book diary creation, cash registers and cash register payments. The module offers automatically creation and recording of cash registers and cash registers payments, creating an unlimited number of cash registries, as well as:

  • Creating and printing the book diary with automatically balance transfer at closing and balance transfer for documents that have a higher date from the closing date;
  • Automaticаlly entry In the main book;
  • Funds transfer from one to another treasury
  • Creating the cash payments and receipts for employees, companies, own stores, etc.;
  • Entering a cash minimum and maximum ;
  • Possibility to create multi-day book diaries;
  • Possibility of working with several treasuries – denar, foreign exchange;
  • Allows user settings of accounts for automatically entry in the main book and controls at data entry
  • Entries overview in the main book;

 VERP-BR module is interrelated with financial module and is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.

VERP- BR module is scalable per company size, which makes it perfect for small companies, but also large ones, with complex organisational structure and processes.