Salaries, remuneration and HR management module – VERP – PPIHR

VERP-PPIHR –  is a module designed to record all basic employee data and calculate gross and net salary according to legal regulations and salary calculation concepts. Includes a record of monthly salary calculation parameters, records of individual employee parameters required for payroll calculation, employee loan records and the generation of different reports and payroll lists.

VBS-PPIHR module is fully compatible with MPIN client software and is accessible in the following packages:

  • VBS Basic
  • VBS Standard
  • VBS Extra – configurations that complement any other package

It offers simplicity, flexibility, accuracy, precision and time saving in salary calculation. The module covers the concept of calculation:

  • from gross to net salary,
  • from net to gross salary,
  • salary per point, coefficient of point and coefficient of complexity,
  • salary according to the achieved norm and efficiency
  • salary for disabled persons, protective company, self-employed persons,
  • salary for part-time employees,
  • salary calculation for employees on sick leave with choice of an average of 12 months Calculation of sick leave on basic defined net salary or calculation of sick leave on the basis of the paid net salary from the previous month.

VBS-PPIHR module enables:

  • calculation of years of service, overtime, extended work, public holiday work, night shift work;
  • Record of annual leave hours, public holidays, paid leave, unpaid working hours;
  • Record and calculation of business success, penalties and rewards;
  • Record and calculation of loans and installments by creditors;
  • Record and calculation of salary reduction and increases on various bases such as alimony, collective insurance, etc.;
  • Creation of xml document for PIT-Y, PIT / OCo, PIT-Y / OZP;
  • Printing of payment cards and of all necessary reports and salary calculation and payment revisions.

 VERP- PPIHR is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.

It can be interrelated with the rest of the modules to enable Integrated Information system.

VERP- PPIHR module is scalable per company size, which makes it perfect for small companies, but also large ones, with complex organisational structure and processes.