Retail and fiscalisation

VERP-MIF is a module which is easy to use, accessible in the following packages:

  • VBS Basic
  • VBS Standard
  • VBS Professional и
  • VBS Extra –конфигурации со кои можат да се надополнуваат сите пакети.

It is intended for use in all kinds of shops, discounts, groceries, restaurants, fast-food shops, boutiques, kiosks, malls, chains, book-stores, car-parts stores, agro shops, coffee-shops, hairdressers, florists, photo-studios, cargo services, butchers, copy-shops, …

VERP-MIF module allows monitoring of the inventories per selling point and per selling prices in quality and quantity, complete selling control, inventory forecasts, minimal and maximal inventory, automatic availability and material status, which removes the possibility for human error, and increases productivity.

VERP-MIF allows monitoring and overview of turnover per shift, per employee, allows for voucher selling, discounts, sell-actions of all or specific products with automatic creation and printing of the alteration of prices. Also, reports top most sold and bottom least sold products for a timeframe as well as filtering options and browsing criteria.

The module supports all fiscal registers and fiscal printers. It has the option to automatically print Legal entity receipts along with the regular receipts. It allows direct sell from warehouse, where in one simple step appropriate handover document is generated from warehouse to shop, from shop to buyer, along with the necessary booking entries.

The selling and recording of products can be done with bar-codes that can be customised, generated and printed with info on price, code, bar-code, product name, and is compatible with all kinds of electronic cashiers that deduce the sold quantities automatically according the activities.

VERP-MIF allows easy inventory. There is the option to make an inventory very easily and at any given time, and continue to sell, fiscalize, and do the regular work simultaneously – which is a great advantage.

Incorporated int he module for retail and fiscalisation, is the part of Retail technology, that allows to create working orders, normatives, selling per product/service according working order. This is very applicable in florist-shops, hairdressers, photo-studios, car-parts, butchers, restaurants and all kinds of retail shops that need to define and sell per working order.

Another part of retail included in the module is receipt and selling of products per numeration, intended for all products that need to have a record of brand, type, size, series.

VERP-MIF module can be connected with a PDA application to make inventory and easy entry.

Compliant to legislative, PLT forms are created and printed, ET – evidence in trade, KDFI – daily report of financial data and Book of services. It offers rich overviews and reports that serve various needs of the employees, accounting departments, managers.

VERP-MIF is connected with the financial module and can be connected with the archiving module of exiting documents and booking of entry invoices that come with an installation package and user training.  module is connected to the financial and production module and can be interrelated with the rest of the modules to enable Integrated Information system, obtained in a package with all the modules and user training. It can be used as standalone or networked application and appropriate user access policies.

VERP-MIF module is scalable per company size, which makes it perfect for small companies, but also large ones, with complex organisational structure and processes.