Restaurants module – VERP-RR

VERP-RR is a module design for restaurants, dairy restaurants, coffee bars, night clubs, etc. This module enables quick, easy and simple sale organized by tables and waiters. Offers complete material and financial records of purchases and sales, representations, automatically stock updating and material cards, as well as commercial monitoring, records and analysis of turnover and payments. In conclusion, this module helps perform:

  • Waiters and tables records and orders by waiters and tables
  • Option for orders transfer from one to another waiter;
  • Reports for realized turnover, active orders, turnover by waiters
  • Fiscal payment, invoice generation, representations by order;
  • Automatically generation and printing a trade book and a KDFI;
  • Creating and printing receipt listsPLT
  • Indebtedness from own warehouses;
  • Reports required for management and employees

VERP-RR module can be interrelated with the rest of the financial – production moduls and normatives to enable Integrated Information system. The module is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.