SMS Service – VERP-SMS Sender

VERP-SMS SENDER is a mobile application for massive, group-generated SMS messages that enables sending SMS messages to a selected client group for novelties, actions, promotions. With this app you can send SMS messages to inform all customers with information received from the main database (matured invoices, financial balance etc.)

The mobile application VERP-SMS SENDER is an application that allows you to send SMS messages to an unlimited number of contacts.

To decide to whom you will send an SMS a WEB page is used where you can enter the phone numbers.  You can choose the number of customers to whom you will send a specific SMS message with content created by yourself. With the WEB site you can quickly and easily configure your SMS.

The mobile app VERP-SMS SENDER can be interrelated with VERP – VertexBusinessSolution in VERP-MIF – retail module and you will be able to send SMS to your customers.

This application can be used by all those who want to develop their mobile marketing. It can be used for reporting, advertising, advertisement, etc.
The application run on Android operating system.
The daily SMS limit depends on your mobile operator.

SMS notification software:
– Payment deadline
– Sending marketing messages
– Own server or using VertexSMS service…