Accounting Software

Fast and quality customer service is imperative for every company. Rapid creation of invoices depends on the ergonomics of the program and the avoidance of unnecessarily repetitive processes.

 The Invoicing program is designed for:

  • Preparation and printing of invoices (basic package)
  • Invoice overview (basic package)
  • Retail store (plug-in)
  • Printing fiscal receipts (plug-in)
  • Records invoices in an Excel document (plug-in)
  • Records of payment by invoices (plug-in)

Generating invoices is simple and easy. It’s done in just a few steps.

Many data that are understandable and commonly used do not need to be input in the creation of each invoice. The program proposes them, and the user only confirms (with Enter). The work of the seller, as well as the accounting service is facilitated.

Two ways of creating an invoice are possible:

  1. Invoice with free entry of products / services, which does not contain the database, which are different for each client / case separately.
  2. Invoice with products contained in the database.

The program uses an SQL database that guarantees data security (under terms and directions of use)

The database can be mutual for multiple points of sale that is, for more individuals who independently use the Invoicing program on separate computers connected to the network.

Supported fiscal devices:

Synergy PF500 (fiscal printer)

Synergy SY-50 (cash register printer)

Mak-Elit Print (fiscal printer)

Mak-Elit Mikro (fiscal cash register -printer)

Bravo (fiscal printer)

Arcadia (cash register printer)

EURO-2000 T/TE ALPHA – Elcom (fiscal cash register printer)

VIVO (fiscal printer)

New fiscal devices (drivers, instructions):

Accent (Synergy PF550, SY55)

DAVID (all models)

DUNA (Razvigorec / Vardarec)

During the development of the program, its use was considered to be easy and intuitive, using only the keyboard. Mouse can – but does not have to be used.

Expands with the following plugins (which are activated only by registration)