1. Record, overview, print confirmation for reservations,
  2. Records of guests,
  3. Records of the mini bar and other services
  4. Print an account on a fiscal printer, a hotel account, an invoice.

It simplifies the work of the receptionist, as well as of the accounting service.
The program uses an SQL database that guarantees data security (under the terms and conditions of use).

With this program it is possible to record the accommodation capacities with only one update upon guests reception and ones more when they leave.
Once the room’s data has been entered in the database, the program provides them with a review of their fulfillment, reservation, or the description that has been entered for them.
Updating / changing room data is always possible.

Guests are in the focus of interest in this program. Entering guest data in the base is done “once and for all”.
At their return, it is sufficient to enter only the number of their ID / passport or to select their name from the list and the data will be record in the reservation, application or invoice.

All the services the hotel / motel offers, like

  1. different arrangement of accommodation,
  2. using a mini bar,
  3. restaurant,
  4. services from third firms for which the hotel collaborate (taxis, pizzerias, flower growers, etc.)

can be offered from the reception immediately after entering the database. Their list is not final and can be updated at any time.

Generating invoices is simple and easy. It’s done with just a few moves with the keyboard.

Each invoice remains permanently written in the database and it is possible to re-print it in case any need arises.
When refunding, each invoice can be fiscalized (to print a fiscal account), and if there is an error it can be canceled.
Guests are surprised by the speed and accuracy of check-in / check-out and they immediately receive an invoice addressed to their company.