Milk buyout – VERP-PM

VERP-PM is a module designed for milk buyout with the ability to record the milk quality control, presence of bacteria, water, fat, somatic cells and SMB. The module provides material evidence of purchased milk quantities  by days, financial records by subcontractors, records of payments to subcontractors, milk production process and dairy products by normative, their distribution to buyers, indebtedness of own stores, records of own sale and commercial agents records. This module offers:

  • Defining the monthly prices for milk acceptance from the subcontractors and the costs for milk analysis that will be charged on a monthly basis by the subcontractor;
  • Admission of milk from subcontractors on a daily basis and automatically generation of incoming documents for natural persons and received note for legal entities and automatically entry in the main book and warehouses borrowing;
  • Monthly Calculation/borrowing of a subcontractor by milk type, water correction calculation, quality correction and other types of duties;
  • Automatically milk calculations for all subcontractors
  • Overview of monthly calculations, subcontractor balance and overview of total purchased liters by milk type;
  • Overview and printing the total borrowing from the subcontractor;
  • Printing a Note for milk buyout;

 VERP-PM module can be connected with the module for mobile orders app where commercial agents made orders on mobile devices, that arrives to the main data base and automatically the outoing documentation will be generated.

VERP-PM module can be interrelated with the rest of the financial – production moduls to enable Integrated Information system. VERP-PM is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.