Housekeeping module – VERP-KS

For effective residential buildings management there is a need for fees management that are charged by all residents. The fees refer to:

  • The amount and payment method of the regular maintenance costs (investment and current maintenance) of the common building parts;
  • Establishing method of the reserve fund.

VERP-KS is a module designed for recording and management of residential buildings and entrances by cities, regions, locations, neighborhoods and streets. The module include:

  • Defining and recording of inputs;
  • Indebt by months;
  • Generating accounts by months;
  • Accounts printing
  • Account correction
  • Reports on account collection and account balance;
  • Generating reminders for outstanding accounts;
  • Generating warnings before a lawsuit;
  • Accounts payment and automatically payments entry using electronic statements;

VERP-KS module is linked with the financial transactions module. All documents created in this module have automatically financial treatment. The module is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies. It can be interrelated with the rest of the moduls to enable Integrated Information system.