Driving schools module – VERP-AS

VERP-AS module is designed according to the rulebook that provide the criteria, operation of the driving schools,  curriculum and training program for the candidates, the professional staff and the records that should be made for candidates training.

VERP-AS module enables:

  • Training – records of registered candidates, candidates assignment by instructors, exam categories, the number of training hours, the number of exams provided by the training, the training vehicle, medical certificate data;
  • Defining of services and services package (theoretical, practical training, additional training, additional classes for driving polygon, additional city driving lessons, etc.);
  • Driving license package – driving license category
  • Reports for test trials, candidate reports, reports for the registry;
  • Daily records – instructors input daily data for lessons duration, the number of hours and curriculum;
  • Trial tests records- theoretical, practical tests and points earned by the candidate;

VERP-AS is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.