Cable operators – cable services distributing network – VERP-KDS

VERP-KDS module is desing for cable operatos in order to facilitate the invoicing, generating and accounts payment.

This module is accessible in the following components:

Updating the basic data that are entered once and are used until a need for change has occurred and are needed for accounts generation. These data refers to:

  • Users – natural and legal entities are defined,
  • Services recording and defining (television, telephony, internet) and their prices,
  • Services package recording and defining. Linking services in a package,
  • Recording and defining pre-paid packages,
  • Recording collection points,
  • Districts recording,
  • Entry accounts defining for every service type: television, telephony, internet etc.
  • Recording and defining the cable operator connector and its status (active, Inactive, on standby, unconnected)
  • Contracts entry and printing, their duration, sign-out sheet of returned equipment, request for contract cancellation, etc.

 Account management consist of:

  • Account generation by months, with selection option: all accounts or accounts for certain Account generation means automatically financial user charged, as well as automatically accounts entering in a financial order of the accounts that have been previously defined for each service separately. Such user charged can be automatically eliminated with payment for which a fiscal account has been issued. The user debt is automatically written-off and the previous defined account for registry is indebted. It is possible the user to be written-off by automatically indebt the bank electronic statement,
  • Accounts printing – generated accounts printing for month by district, by user code, by meter code. The accounts can be printed separately for legal and for natural persons. Each printed account has a number that is displayed as a barcode. The number of unpaid accounts, outstanding debt as well as interest on unpaid debt are also displayed on the printed account. The appearance and content of the printed account is defined according to the request of the cable operator;
  • Accounts payment- for collection centers where accounts payment can be made with a fiscal receipt;
  • Account payment cancellation;
  • Account correction;
  • Overview of unpaid accounts for a certain period – a period define by cable operator in order for accounts to not receive status of outdated accounts;
  • Generating and printing lawsuits and warnings – due to charging problem that cable operators are facing and keeping the payment deadline. This is essential in order to account does not receive the status of the old account, and to be able to make a refund. It is possible to search the unpaid accounts and to generate and print warnings before a lawsuit.
  • Interest calculation for the overdue debt,
  • Interest write off on accounts based on a judgment or decision,
  • Debt write off from accounts based on a judgment or decision,
  • Overview of unpaid accounts for a certain period
  • Automatically entry of fiscal payments in the main book
  • Automatically debt closing using electronic certificates and their entry in the main book

 Analytical reports – reports required for the management and users

  • Canceled accounts for a certain period;
  • Fiscal payments report;
  • Connector status report for a certain period according to different criteria
  • Customer card
  • User account report and overview of payments and outstanding debt;
  • Generated work orders report for a certain period by several criteria
  • Warned accounts report
  • Payment report by months according to different criteria

Warehouse record – material records of employees for used installed equipment, as well as

  • Work orders creation for demontage and services for reported defects;
  • Materials and equipment record that were picked up by employees from the warehouse for field work for installing a new connection and defect removal;
  • A return note of used materials and equipment from a warehouse that has remained or are not used during connection installation or defect removal;

VERP-KDS  module can be interrelated with the rest of the financial – production moduls to enable Integrated Information system. The module is offered in a package with installation and user training. It can be used on one or multiple networked computers, with roles and user-access policies.