TV Capture en

VertexTV Capture is a software tool for registration and collection of the media data (audio, video and so on..) from different schemes (Devices) depending on the installed video card (through FireWare, Composite, Component, SDI etc.). By using this application You can capture different structures of the tape, camera or such.


Here, you can capture wanted audio and video materials, very simply and precisely and deliver the appropriate categories and playlists, as well. The application is provided with a simple Cut function and a function for regulating the audio level.


The software automatic function is specialized for entry of an automatic cut of the media data and transmissions. This application gives you the possibility to notice all the of the media data according to the schedule you have given, in order to work or archive the same data. The entry goes automatically in a compatible format.


The clips may deliver wanted categories and Play lists. There is an alternative, during the approach the LowRes materials Keyframes to be produced.