History Of The Firm en

Numerous of our projects realization with different TV stations (ORF, MTV, A1 etc.) enabled us to acquire very rich experience we implemented in our professional software development. Its outstanding features are presented over the specially designed tools on base of different platforms, according to consumers needs in order of increasing their efficiency. Hereby, we want to pay special attention to the consultations from all sides, the new technology usage, efficient concepts, the confidential conversion and intensive support.

Since 2003, our firm Vertex – BROADCAST SOLUTIONS has been working very actively in developing different solutions of the firm, in the scope of Broadcasting and Multimedia. The company Pixel SOFTWARE DEVELOPEMENT, (established in Austria) has become our partner at the same time, on purpose to contribute in the standard products development, as well as to support and broaden the business relations in the territory of European Union.

In order to have continuous success of our products i.e. to enable their presentation on the large European market, we have transformed our company into Ltd in the beginning of 2005. The permanent development of our products has been enabled by the intensive collaboration with numerous of our partner and investor companies, in order to make them correspondent to the current requirements.